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City Hall

City Hall office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A wide variety of services are handled by the City Hall staff including: water bill payments and inquiries, voter registration, and collection of parking fines. The following applications are available at City Hall: building permits, yard sale permits, liquor licenses, and vending machine licenses.

Municipal Facilities       Area Code 618
Collinsville City Hall   125 S. Center St   344-5252  
Downtown Fire Station   123 S. Center St   346-5200 EXT. 141
Police Department   200 W. Clay St   344-2131  
Street Division Garage   850 S. Morrison St   346-5214  
Water Treatment Plant   1800 St. Louis Rd   346-5219  
Wastewater Treatment Plant   300 Simpson St   346-5211  
Animal Shelter   298 Simpson St   346-5213  
Water Lines Garage   1802 St. Louis Rd   346-5217  
Northside Fire Station   1160 Belt Line Rd   346-5215  

City Departments       Area Code 618
City Manager's Office   Henry Sinda, City Manager   346-5210  
City Clerk's Office   Lou Jackstadt, City Clerk   344-5252  
Finance   Mary Ann White, Director   346-5200 EXT. 127
Human Resources   Pam Hylton, Director   346-5200 EXT. 135
Community Development   Paul Mann, Director   346-5200 EXT. 129
Police   Friend Walker, Chief   344-2131  
Animal Control   Animal Control Officer   346-5213  
Fire and Rescue   Jim Twyman, Chief   346-5200 EXT. 141
Emergency Management Agency   George Kroder, Coordinator   346-5200 EXT. 141
Building and Zoning   Bob Bohnenstiehl, Director   346-5200 EXT. 130
Street Department   Mike Tognarelli, Director   346-5214  
Water Department   Bob Frank, Director   346-5218 EXT. 10
Sewer Department   Bob Frank, Director   346-5211  
Shuttle Bus   Jack Gilmore, Director   346-5200 EXT. 150

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